Thursday, January 02, 2014

Tide turning

The tide had turned but no one seemed to be in charge
and so the sea just hung around exchanging murmured comments with the shore.

The sun was busy with the sunset stage;
shuffling flocks of multicoloured clouds according to the brightness of their hue. 

I stood by the edge of the road looking down the low cliff where
pale, summer- bleached grasses trembled in the evening breeze.
Something in me trembled too.

I breathed the healing air with heavy heart, 
out of my depth and drowning 
in the aching impact of another's pain.

But the sea saw little of my sighs, 
busy as it was reflecting sunset skies 
into a bright and liquid luminescent flame.

I have no answers here 
and yet I'm glad I came.   

(c) A McNaught


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