Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Dancing to a different music

Let the light in your eyes 
shine with the secret love of life 
that you alone have understood.

Let there be a song for you 
in the silent things of earth and sky; 
the eloquence of trees, 
the poetry of  clouds, 
the love-song of the morning light.

Forgive the world that fails to see 
the things you see 
or hear the music of your soul 
that sings such melodies 
as skylarks  crave.   

and smile your secret smile 
while dancing to a different music  
from a different source 

(c) A McNaught

This was written for a friend's toddler, a beautiful sparkling child who is also deaf. The words might be a blessing or might be a prayer. Either way, it's a heartfelt desire.


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