Sunday, September 10, 2006

Posh dinner

It was part of the conference. A tour of the Guinness Brewery
Followed by a posh dinner.

I meant to go,
But there were streets to walk down, a canal to watch, places to explore and a
wasteland of dockside development to be lonely in.

So I walked. A stranger in drizzling dark in an unfamiliar town.
I felt the loneliness I needed to feel and the freedom of that loneliness.

Then I went to a late night shop to mix and match some supper. Instant soup, a roll and cheese.
I felt the simple frugalness I needed to feel and the adequacy of that frugalness.

Only when a flurry of rain shook the outstretched leaves of canal-side trees
Did I scarcely think of the posh dinner;
And rejoice because I wasn't there.

(c) A McN

I have many friends who enjoy their food and wine, finding my odd tastes little short of madness. To me though the essence of travel is to absorb a place from the viewpoint of its ordinary inhabitants, not its elite. My lonely wanderings (often with a camera) give me a richer set of memories than another meal in another location.
So it's not just my innate dislike of crowds and fears of social ineptness.... honest.... :-)


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