Sunday, September 10, 2006

Same Mould

I watched you on the beach,
In the cool. clear evening light;
Moving like a crab across the
Glistening pebbles,
Blue bucket swinging idly from your hands.

I had been calling you from the spiced air of the barbecue,
But my words drifted like smoke.
I stood, holding your plate of hot food
While you, a hundred feet away,
Stood in another universe,
Deafened by wonder.

At last I realised your world was the better of the two.
Slowly, almost reverently, I walked to you,
Feeling like a disciple at his master's feet.

You were alive with discovery,
Herding crabs, tracing the hypnotic sway of anenomes, and watching the slow glide of winkles on the sand.

And I knew
From the deep love I felt for you
And the intense clarity of the moment,
That we both came
From the same mould.

(c) A McN


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