Sunday, April 17, 2005


Tonight I prayed in the hour before twilight.

The sea was veiled in mist.
There was no join between the sea and sky,
only a merging grey light from which a lazy swell rolled thousand ton flexings of muscular water.

Each wave an effortless energy
More than adequate to burst my blood and crush my bones to sand
But choosing to dandle me gently in watery hands.

I thought of you,
So real, so frighteningly raw
So awesomely deep.
I might lose myself and
Never find familiar land again.

I floated, rising and falling in the sea's breathing.
The great sea cliffs met the ocean like a knife plunged in the green belly of the waters.
Black sea caves roared incoherent madness down long, dark labyrinths.
Waters boiled and bickered at their mouths where seabirds stare
Malevolent from jagged stone.

And this is why I came.

Fearful and vulnerable,
Alien and lonely,
I recall three truths
I am small
I am frail
But I am loved.

(c) A McN

Fear and vulnerability are not necessarily negative. Sometimes they create the contrasts that help us look in the mirror of our miracle and begin to sense the creative love that invisibly sustains us.


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