Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Deep inside herself she grew another - knowing not how.
Hidden mechanics are moulding fine frames for hanging flesh from;
cellular chemistries brewing dark alchemies weaved new biologies.

She's making no miracle here,
simply hosting a miracle making itself.

Only the instincts are working.
Simply assenting to love was enough to initiate wonders.

Life will never be the same again.

Let me in my small way unleash such wonders as I can.
Let me learn to love,
let intimacy be embraced where I have hitherto been distant in response.

Let me be a breeding ground where life might find a nursery.
And I might be surprised

(c) A McN

Watching a woman change shape over the term of a pregnancy always stirs deep emotion in me - mystery, wonder, awe as the complexity of human life creates itself within another human frame. Maybe some of the greatest miracles are instinctive and unselfconscious.


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