Thursday, December 30, 2004

Journey Prayer

I have watched the daylight
bleed away under a gash of skyline
while dark clouds clot the horizon with
a web of night.

I have felt the strong, salty wind of evening
fade to a dying breath as the
earth cools.
Even the delicate leaves
hang with porcelain stillness.
Only the owl tests the silence
with speech from another world.

In your sunsetting, moonrising, nightfalling
drift to the edges of life
may you not be afraid.

May the fragrance of heaven
honeysuckle the darkness.
May the wind be a gentle embrace.
May the starlight be bright enough
to illuminate your wonder
if not your way.

Be still, I pray,
and know the peace of God
turning the globe of your life
from one day to another

from one world
to the next.

(c) AMcN

This was written shortly before my father died when it became clear his remaining days were very few.


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