Thursday, September 23, 2010

Acre of water

On a wet walk we sat
Watching a fish flash silver in the rain

Breaching the grey air in a flick of flexed muscle and
Falling open mouthed back
To the liquid universe below.

A single splash swallows the moment;
A fish shaped hole in the shimmering surface.
Then the waterskin heals in a quiver of magic and
The lake lies silent save the hiss and
Tinkle of rain and the whispering circles,
Delicate beneath each dancing drop.

The fish shaped hole has long since gone
But its ripples roll across the lake,
A lazy ring of water sliding outwards,
Seesawing the surface to the very edges
Where the rushes grow.

So a single act of a leaping fish
Shakes an acre of water.

May the leaping of our faith and the
Dreaming of our dreams

Achieve the same.

 (c) A McN


Anonymous Susannah said...

Oh that is so very beautiful! I loved it.

8:21 PM  

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