Thursday, June 17, 2010

Light lover

I was woken in the early hours of a summer morning
by the sun tapping at the window
squeezing her long slim arms
through the crack between the curtains,
prising them apart with brightness

"Wake up," she said, "I want to play".
"I'm too tired, let me sleep some more."
"Well let me in anyway, I can stroke you as you sleep."

So I opened the curtains and she floated in on her yellow dress
with the smile on her face that I love so much,
filling the room with her presence and the smell of warmth.

I went back to bed.
She stretched herself across the window sill,
draping over furniture and
resting across the bottom of my bed.

I closed my eyes to sleep.
"I can't stroke your face from here," she whispered.

Sighing, I took the pillows to the bottom of the bed
pulled the duvet up to the top
and lay back to front
with my feet at the headboard.

That's better, she said, smoothing my face with her warm caress.
I turned towards her and fell asleep again.
My eyes were closed but my head was full of light
and my dreams were singing.

I awoke an hour later. She was gone.
A grey sheet of cloud lay hung
like a dark vulture in the sky.

(c) A Mc N


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