Friday, September 25, 2009

Alien timepiece

I awake,
dimly aware of its vast presence,
creeping silently through the salty creeks
beyond the black frizz of trees.

The hairs on the back of my neck tingle
but whether it is fear or thrill
is hard to tell.

In the dark,
the sheer weight of its coming,
the magnitude of stately momentum,
bends the land, creaking the rocks
to perceptible shivers that even a worm might hear.

Alien timepiece coupled to the moon,
the tide ticks through the night,
ever later than it was,
crawling round the clock
to strange and awkward times
with steady and relentless pace
regardless of the rhythms of

the human race.

(c) A McN

Since moving to the coast the tide has become an important rhythm but it is so hard to keep track that a few days away leaves me edgy. I love the full flood Springs best of all. They gave me that same feeling of life's bounty that I get in the presence of puppies, children playing, spring days and pregnant women!

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