Saturday, January 17, 2009


I seem to have been snatching at water all my life.

I speak and the words evaporate into space.
I reach out and touch another but the tingle of the contact fades.
I pray but forget who or what I prayed for.

I see beauty but recall only faintest outlines.
I hear the music of voices I love

but the memory is a faint recording dimly heard through the static of the brain.

I have moments of deep connection when love and respect

arc like electricity in the gap between lives
But so soon it becomes a wisp of remembrance

curling like smoke around faint insecurities.

Even standing still a flood of seconds surges round me;

milliseconds froth and spray against my face.

I want to capture life
To catch a little bowl of friendship and experience,

keep it on the mantelpiece where treasures might be counted like iridiscent fish;
But I know the fish would die.

The transcience of life provokes me;
the flutter of days tumbling from month to year unsettles me.
I feel like a child beneath an autumn tree

snatching at the leaves that cartwheel through the air
and wondering all the time if standing still with outstretched arms

would fetch me more.

So I will rest a while;
letting the golden leaves of time still tumble down

without the need for catching every one,

letting the flow of life slip through my hands
but splashing my face in clean refreshing spray.

I will attempt to live with open eyes and thankful heart today.

(c) A McN

It remains one of the many childhood pleasures I still enjoy. When the leaves fall off the trees I have to catch one at least. They fall with slow elegance but are deceptively difficult to catch.

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