Thursday, March 13, 2008


It has been a long time
putting me together.
There was the vast improbability
of conception;
a roulette of possibilities whose outcomes might have made a
million other men...

or made a childless stain of blood instead.

But the alchemy of life - my life - began
and destinies were drawn in helix scripts while unseen forces
fashioned faith and watered me with wellsprings from another world.

Then the borrowing of body substance
from the earth;
Calcium from the waters,
Nitrogen from air
and all the others begged from
rock and soil.

We have never come together in this way before.
Flocks of molecules migrate through continents of tissue,
stampedes of atoms, loosed from rock's captivity, leap and frolic with the pulse of life.

This is me.
For a moment in Earth's history
the rocks can play and move
and love
instead of waiting dumbly
watching life with blind
earth covered eyes.

We have waited so many millenia
to come together in this way.
In me the very stones can sing.

Let me live well
in this interlude between eternities.
Let me cherish the possibilities,
nourish the potentials,
adore the mystery of my miracle.

Let me fulfil the purposes
So long awaited in the stones;
And in the dreams of God.

(c) A McN.


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