Saturday, December 02, 2006

Nesting places

From the distances of eternity,
Along the boundary lines of the furthest and faintest stars
He held back.

Turning his imagination round, retreating from the comfort of creativity
He remembered an ancient pain from the very start of time.

He would act to heal the wound.

Distilling the essence of Godhead,
He shrank the universe of his own personhood and power.
Compacting himself,
Compressing himself,
Shaking himself down out of clusters of galaxies, clouds of bright nebulae,
Swarms of old starfields.

Slowly imploding;
A black hole of being

Condensing, regressing, retreating from grandeur.
Down comes the deity, shrinking in majesty.
See the immortal mutate to mortality,
Creep like a fugitive into flesh cavity.
Trusting entirely to human integrity -
Motherly comfort and fatherly care.

There he grew,
Silent and intimate;
Nurtured by borrowed blood.
Clothed with frail flesh.

Still he seeks his
Resting places
Nesting where a strangers love extends.

Craftsman of the cosmos making time
For making friends.

(c) A Mc N


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