Sunday, January 22, 2006

Dandelion Seeds

Light and shining,
Bright inviting and delighting me..

Your love, like dandelion daughters dancing in the sun.

I cannot catch your love by force and cunning;
Snatching merely sweeps your love away.

Warm currents waft the silver bubbles high
I try to woo the winsome wind,
With gentle stroke invoke the laws of gravity and lead
the feathered seed to earth.

Gently, slowly,
Not to crush the beauty….

Here they come.
One by one they nestle in my palm.

I will not harm their fragile form.

Your love is borne to me on whispered breeze
I will not seize the gift you give or cause you hurt

But hold you gently
Near my heart.

(c) A McN

The child in me still has an overpowering urge to catch dandelion seeds or thistledown when I see them blowing. It is an art where gentleness and patience are rewarded, much the same as human love - or even divine love.


Anonymous Melanie said...

What beautiful wisdom! Thank you for sharing it.

3:05 AM  

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