Thursday, December 22, 2005


In my heart I know it is wrong and I am ashamed
But I want to with all my heart.

So to resolve the dilemma
My mind comes to the table as a peace maker
Between my desire to protect myself and
My desire to fulfil my passing obsession.

But the mind is a betrayer
Looking only to prove its cleverness to all.

The mind is full of wise arguments
"No, it says, this will not hurt anyone"

And I am grateful to the mind's excuses
Because now I know that that which is wrong is justifiable and if it is justifiable
Then it is not wrong any more...

And this is the tree of knowledge whose fruit I strain to reach
While the serpent, hissing, weaves his way
Through the holes in my arguments
Into the very corridors of vein and artery
That lead to my heart.

(c) A McN

Browsing photography sites the mouse drifts towards the Fine Art Nudes. There is beauty in the female form that can be celebrated but there is a dangerous borderzone of the spirit that desires ownership, power and indulgence in the realms of imagination. The choice is simple - do I justify the weakness? Or resist the temptation? And which will enrich the real me - whoever that is?


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