Thursday, April 28, 2016

Austerity Haikus

A sleepless night convalescing from a nasty chest infection gave plenty of time to think about the way our communities - schools, libraries, hospitals, housing -are being dismantled. I would be less cynical if there was the slightest shred of evidence that 'we are all in this together'. We're not. 

These are the haikus:

#1 the Beast

Like a mythic beast
inequality devours
our children's future.

#2 the Thieves

Those who know no want
stealing from the people's purse...
then blaming victims.

#3 the Auction

Sell the schools, close down
the libraries; all centres
where the needy go.

#4 the Strategy

Underfund all things
until they fail. Then sell them
cheaply to your friends.

#5 the Lie

Tell the lie again
"Tax is bad". Forget the truth;
strong communities.

#6 the Fearmonger

Urge the status quo
"Better the Devil you know"
(says the known devil)

(c) Alistair McNaught


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