Saturday, September 17, 2005

Waterloo bridge

On the bridge near Waterloo
I watched white banners of knitted cloud
Slide over the blue bowl of sky.

The sun was gold as only an autumn afternoon
Can shine and the river was brown with the stir of the mid-tide silt.

People were walking past me, the sound of traffic filled the air
But my ears were full only of the windsong and the tidesong
And the lullaby of lazy waves on bridge piers,

Under that sky the light rang like a bell
Resonating with the light that shines in the back of the mind
When the shadows of thought are stilled and the
Innocent, artless joy of life
Draws wordless prayer from unselfconscious depths.

So I prayed
Without petition or request
And I sang without the need for words
And I etched a milestone of consciousness
In the memory vaults of life.

(c) A McN


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